ISPA /Young Mariner Program Participation Guide

 ❐ Noto Nishi Gishi Marina(Guest House Hokkai) / Access 

○ From Tokyo Area

・ By Air: Haneda Airport to Noto Airport. There is two flight daily (round trip).
  ANA 747 0855 departure 0950 Arrival (2019 May Schedule)
  ANA 749 1455 departure   1550 Arrival  
     (Fee will be approximately ¥12,000~¥15,000 if purchased early.)
  * There is bus service from the airport to Anamizu Railway Station.
  * Anamizu 1049 departure Nishigishi 1102 Arrival. 
           3minitues walk to guest house Hokkai 
      * By Taxi: 40minitues from the airport to Nishigishi Marina (Guest House Hokkai)

・ By Train: Reference only (¥17,000 one way)
  Shinkansen: Tokyo Station 0836 departure - Kagayaki 505・ to arrive Kanazawa 1106
  JR Nanao-line:Kanazawa Station 1131 departure/arrival Nanao 1256
  Noto-tetsudo:Nanao Station 1312 departure / arrival Nishigishi 1339

❐ Schedule
・ Meeting location and time:Aug 04 1700
      Guest House  Hokkai
      Conduct course briefing and prepare dinner. Bedtime should be 2200.
・ Aug 05~10、Wake Up 0600・Sail Training and other activity.
・ Dismiss: Aug 10, 1400 (After the Lunch)

❐ Things to bring (like a soft duffel bag, no suitcases)
Wearable clothes, long sleeves, and short sleeves, shorts and trousers, bedtime clothes, awning hats, sunglasses, toiletries and sunscreens (creams), bandanas (large handkerchiefs), bath towels, exercise shoes (does not need to be a deck shoes) Rain gear top and bottom (general outdoor use OK), flashlight (for headlamps: white and red lights), underwear etc. 

❐ About the participation of parents (introductory course of ISPA basic course)
Guardians are not allowed to participate in the training/activities. 
you can not join activities. 
If requested, we can arrange for the boat to be used for the observation.  

* Please email us for details.

Participant Fee

 ※Included in the fee

 ◇ Training fee with course material (workbook, log book)
 ◇ All meal (cook by participants and staff)

 ※Not included and mandate
 ◇ Sailing gear including rain ware. (PFD will be provided)
◇ Travel fee and Travel Insurance (mandatory)


Liability Waiver / Cancellation 

Waiver of Liability  download 

About Cancellation Policy

・ In case of cancellation 3 days or more prior to the event: 10% of the participation fee
・ In case of cancellation between 3 months and 2 months: 50%
・ In case of cancellation between 2 months and 1 month: 70%
・ In the case of cancellation within one month of the day: 100%


※ Application Form