ISPA Young Mariner Program / Keel Boat Course

Life Lessons At Sea !
International exchange program based on beautiful and quiet Noto-Nanao Bay
Participants are young Japanese and Foreigners staying in Japan

❐ Started 2017 

Since 2017, ISPA Young Mariner program has promoted youth leadership training through ISPA sail trainig. 

Starting in 2019, ISPA Young Mariner program / keel boat sailing certificate course will be available in Japan!

☆ Overview

・ Training base is located in quiet Noto-Bay
・ 「Life Lesson」
It's not just a sail training, you'll have fun preparing meals together, listening to music, watching the beautiful starry sky, and many more.
・ 「Japanese / English」
The course will be taught in English and Japanese.
You can improve your Japanese/English communication skill quickly.

【Schedule】 Aug 04 - 10 Fee ¥ 120,000

・ Meeting location and time:Aug 04 1700、Guest House Hokkai
      Conduct course briefing and prepare dinner. Bed time should be 2200.
・ Aug 05~10、Wake Up 0600・Sail Training and other activity.
・ Dismiss : Aug 10 1400 (After the Lunch)

  ※ What is included in the fee?
    Course Material (Work Book and Log Book)、Accomodation and meals for all 6 days.
           (Meals are all prepared by the participants under the guidance of the leader)
  ※ What is not included in the fee?
    Round trip transportation costs, travel insurance (Mandatory), and small amount of money for                        expense.

❐ Bay of Nanao and Toyama

◇ Training Objective

・ ISPA Competent Crew Certificate challenge.

・ Chief Instructor: Robert Sendoh
(ISPA Instructor Evaluator / President of ISPA Japan )

         ◇ Map of Training Base