new! ISPA Instructor Clinic

Schedule;Jun 06-09 / Split, Croatia

The ISPA Costal Skipper Course will be held immediately after the clinic, so those who have the ISPA Day Skipper certificate and enough sailing experience can take the course at the same time.

Fee;900 Euro

Once you are certified as an instructor・・・

Organize ISPA certificate courses and issue certificates to students.

Initially, you will be able to issue certificates up to the Day Skipper level, and you will be required to follow the ISPA system to advance to the Advanced Certificate level.

You can also teach privately or start your own school.

Our school is looking for registered instructors who are willing to work all over Japan.


  • Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Navigator, Coastal Skipper, must have ISPA certificate for these

  • Have a VHF radio operator certificate.

  • First Aid certificate.


1. Homework

You will be required to use the online materials to thoroughly prepare for the following items

  • A thorough understanding of the ISPA Standards as the basis for teaching, specifically using all ISPA online course content is optimal

  • Concurrently, practice using the ISPA Standards to enhance your shiphandling and sailing skills

  • Study the ISPA Instructional Method (online)

2. Instructor practical clinic.

Practical skills courses and instructor clinics held by IE

  • Shiphandling skill check (single-handed)

  • Instructional practice (dockside, boat handling)

  • Examination; participants will be required to perform mock instruction on each topic (theory explanation, practice)

  • Final evaluation by IE; those who pass will be certified as ISPA certified instructors after completing the prescribed procedures