WindValley Sailing School

Since 1994 / Vancouver . BC. Canada


ISPA Registered School; Provide all the ISPA Certificate courses since establishment of the ISPA

❐ About course fees: ISPA online course (for a fee) or workbook purchase is required to take the course.

These fees are separate from our course fees. These fees are in addition to the ISPA course fee. Please visit the ISPA online course site for the online course fee and the ISPA store for the workbook.


new! ISPA インストラクタークリニック;10月8日〜11日、Vancouver Canada 開催

❐ コース受講料について:コース受講にはISPAオンラインコース(有料)、もしくはワークブック購入が必須となります。

* これらの費用は当スクールのコース受講料とは別となります。オンラインコース費用はISPAオンラインコースサイト、ワークブックはISPAショップで購入願います。


2022 Course Schedule


In addition to our main school in Canada, we have a network of partner schools throughout North America and Japan.

The types of courses, schedules, and fees vary by location.

When selecting a course, please review the course content on each location's page. If you have any questions about the course you wish to take, please click the "Ask a Question" button on the relevant school's page.


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